With over 200 participating organisations the COP29 Green Zone will showcase the technologies and solutions driving progress and shaping the future of industry.

The Green Zone will be co-located at Baku Stadium with the Blue Zone with its own dedicated transport hub (shuttles and taxis). Held in a dedicated venue co-located with the Blue Zone it will feature 8 dedicated climate change Hubs; and will act as COP central point to host private sector and public attendees. The Hubs are:

Green Transformation



Technology and Innovation

Sustainable Nature


Climate Finance

Initiatives and Opportunities

The hubs will provide a backdrop for all stakeholders to connect, share and learn to progress climate action. In addition to the leading organisations who will showcase products and services there will be a full schedule of focused programmes that will take place across the Green Zone including presentations, workshops, briefings, music and cultural events. To ensure attendees can maximise their time within the Green Zone there will be food courts, cafes, water stations, rest and relaxation spaces.

The key vertical sectors within climate change, which are critical for achieving significant emissions reductions and advancing towards net-zero goals, include:



Picture49 Clean Power
Picture45 Transportation
Picture51 Nature-Based Solutions and Land Use
Picture52 Fashion
Picture53 Energy
Picture54 Industry
Picture55 Agriculture and Food
Picture56 Forests and Land Use
Picture57 Buildings and Cities
Picture58 Health
Picture59 Tourism
Picture60 Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries
Forest Education, Research and Academic
Picture61 Water Resources Management
Picture62 Disaster Management and Insurance